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Material Catalouge

Print from a wide material selection suited for a range of end-use applications from reputed manufacturers such as

Formlabs, Asiga, BASF, Evonik, Henkel Loctite, Detax, Rize and more.

Biomed resins.jpg

Medical Resins

Ideal for medical applications that require biocompatibility and sterilizability such as end-use medical devices, surgical guides. Materials can be sterilized using common sterilization methods such as autoclaving & ETO sterilization. Resins are USP Class VI and ISO 10993-1 certifed.

  • Biomed Amber / Surgical Guide Resin (TDS)

  • Biomed Clear (TDS)

  • Biomed White (TDS)

  • Biomed Black (TDS)

  • Tough 1500 (TDS)

  • Evonik PEEK - Implant-grade (TDS)

Dental Resins

We can print in a wide variety of resins for all digital dentistry applications, providing accuracy & speed.

  • Model Resin (TDS)

  • Surgical Guide (TDS)

  • LT Clear (TDS)

  • Custom Tray (TDS)

  • Indirect Bonding Tray (IBT) (TDS)

  • Castable Wax (TDS)

  • Temporary & Permanent Crowns (TDS)

  • Dentures (TDS)

  • Draft - for clear aligner models (TDS

dental resins.png

Elastomeric Resins

For applications that require soft and flexible material properties, able to withstand repeated cycles of bending, compressing and flexing. Available in Shore 50a and Shore 80A hardness. Ideal for applications such as gaskets, overmolds, handles, grips and even to simulate soft tissue anatomy.

  • Elastic 50A (TDS)

  • Felxible 80A (TDS)

Engineering  Resins

Print in a wide variety of resins for end-use parts that require toughness, durability, stiff/rigidity, thermal and chemical resistance.  Idea for short-run injection molding, jigs and fixtures, end of arm tooling, mounts and brackets, functional prototypes.

  • Tough 2000 (TDS)

  • Tough 1500 (TDS)

  • Durable (TDS)

  • Rigid 10k (TDS)

  • Loctite 3955 (TDS)

  • Evonik Infinam TI 3100L (TDS)

  • Evonik Infinam ST 6100L (TDS)

  • Evonik Infinam RG 3101L (TDS) 

eng resins.png
SLS powders.png

SLS Powders

For cost-effective batch production of end-use parts using Nylon-11 and Nylon-12 materials. 

  • Nylon 11 (PA-11) (TDS)

  • Nylon 12 (PA-12) (TDS)

FDM Filaments

Select from a range of commonly used thermoplastic filaments such as ABS, PLA, TPU, PETG ideal for cost-effective prototyping. 

Dual extrusion and full colour parts

High performance and composite filaments such as Nylon-carbon fibre, PEEK also available.

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